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ISO TC210 Tokyo meeting Mar, 2013

ISO TC210 Santa Rosa meeting Oct, 2012
GHTF SG3 & ISO/TC 210 Malvern Joint meeting Apr. 2011
GHTF SG3 Ryadh meeting Oct. 2010
GHTF SG3 Limerick meeting Sep. 2009
GHTF SG3 Tokyo meeting Feb 2009
GHTF SG3 Osaka meeting Oct-Nov 2006
GHTF SG3 & 10th conference at Luebeck
ISO/TC 198 Sydney Meeting Apr/2005
ISO/TC198 WG3 Basigstoke Meeting Sep. 2005
ISO/TC198 WG3 Basigstoke Meeting Feb.2006
GHTF SG3 Paris Meeting Apr 2006

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